Thursday, March 20, 2014


Word prediction software give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to listen to materials being read aloud, have words predicted for them as they type, and gives them opportunities to use translators, dictionaries, and vocabulary builders.  Read & Write software can be downloaded onto a desktop or laptop computer, or downloaded as an App on an iPhone or iPad.  The iPad App, iReadWrite, has functions such as text-to-speech, word prediction, a phonetic spell checker, a choice of voices and fonts, and many more.  These functions "make reading easier and ensure accurate writing" (

This software is accessible for students who have reading and/or writing disabilities, such as Dyslexia, or for those students with poor vision and low fine motor skills.  Read & Write software can be found at, along with many educational resources and tutorials.


  1. Word prediction software can be a helpful tool but it can also be a problem - you chose a great video.

  2. I really liked the video that you provided that connected to the information within your blog! Word prediction software is a great tool, and an awesome alternative for students who struggle with handwriting performance skills. Thanks for sharing!