Monday, March 10, 2014

IEP Example 1: Eric

Eric's IEP:

Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance:
Eric participates in regular education programs for his academic subjects.  His hand strength is limited and he fatigues quickly when doing any handwriting task.  Civics and English homework are a particular problem because of lengthy assignments and reports that need to be completed. 

Annual Goal:
Eric will use a computer or portable word processor to complete 100% of his assignments in 10th grade English and Civics classes. 

Assistive Technology for Eric:
As you read, Eric has limited strength in his hand and has difficulty writing for long periods of time.  His annual goal states that Eric should use a computer or word processor to complete both his English and Civics assignments. 
While in school and moving from classroom to classroom, Eric can use a portable word processor to type class notes or in class assignments.  He can then connect his portable word processor to a laptop or desktop computer to access the material through Microsoft Word. 

When working at home or in a library, Eric can use a computer to access Microsoft Word to type his assignments.


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