Friday, March 7, 2014

iPad Apps for Autistic and Nonverbal Children

The above video, iPad Apps for Autistic and Nonverbal Children, discusses the various applications that can be downloaded onto an iPad to help autistic and nonverbal children communicate and learn.  Many apps include stories and songs with visuals, picture boards, and text to-speech software that allow students to gain knowledge and communicate their needs or wants to others.  Apps are made for individuals of all age ranges, beginning at the early intervention stage and can assist students with various disabilities and needs.  For younger learners, an app called Duck, Duck Moose allows students to listen to stories and songs that incorporate movements and visuals, while apps such as Speak It, allows older individuals to text what they want or need and the iPad will speak for them.

For me, I find integrating an iPad into a classroom environment a great idea and should be done more often.  Many students can benefit from the apps that can be downloaded onto the iPad by not only learning educational material, but also learning ways to communicate with others.  I used to work with a nonverbal child, who was placed in an early intervention.  As one of her instructors, I implemented the use of PECS, which allowed her to begin the process of communicating with us.  She often did not want anything to do with the PECS board and I feel as though having something more interactive, such as an app on the iPad would have been more beneficial for her.  I think many students who are nonverbal, have difficulty expressing themselves, or have physical disabilities would not only enjoy working with the iPad but would also gain from using one.

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  1. Lauren,

    I agree with what you wrote about adding the iPad into the classroom. I also think it is great to get students involved and interested in what they are doing. Not only is it interesting for the students but also useful. Great post!