Thursday, March 6, 2014

Assisted Literacy Software

Assisted literacy software is software that gives students the opportunity to develop their literacy skills, while working independently or in small groups on a computer.  This software is great for students with learning and reading disabilities, such as dyslexia.  While researching this topic, many websites offered information on a program called Computer Assisted Literacy Solution, or CALS.  CALS introduces students the basic fundamental skills to reading; such as decoding and comprehending stories, phonemic awareness, and how to read fluently. Programs such as CALS, helps students with reading disabilities to "overcome the first and most basic barrier to reading" (The Computer Assisted Literacy Solution).  

Although I could not provide you with the video myself, as it will not upload, I wanted to provide you with the YouTube link so you were able to watch the video on your own.  The video provides details on CALS and how the program works.


The Computer Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS). Retrieved from

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