Monday, March 10, 2014

IEP Example 5: Mary

Mary's IEP:

Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance:
Mary currently communicates through sounds that are not always understood by those around her.  She often becomes upset when she is not understood.  She likes people and likes to be around both adults and children.  She is beginning to play simple games. 

Annual Goal:
Mary will communicate her interests and needs in three or more environments/situations using a sing message voice output device. 

Assistive Technology for Mary:
Mary has difficulty communicating her wants and needs to both adults and her peers.  For this reason, Mary would benefit from the use of a voice output device and/or a text-to-speech device.  When using a voice output device, Mary would simply press a button on a keyboard and the keyboard would express what her needs are.  When using a text-to-speech device, Mary would type what she is thinking or what she needs on a keyboard and it would tell the person she is communicating with.  Both devices are similar, however with text-to-speech, Mary would need to type exactly what she wants to communicate, rather than simply pressing a button.  
Text-to-Speech devices such as this one can simply be downloaded onto a computer or iPad.  If using an iPad, Mary can transport the device with her where ever she goes and she will be able to communicate with others by the simple touch of the screen. 
If Mary is staying in one classroom, she can use a device such as this to hook up to a classroom computer.  She would simply type her statement and it would read what she is typing aloud.

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