Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Talking Word Processor Software

According to Dr. John D. Barge, "talking word processor software programs provide speech feedback as text is being typed" (Georgia Department of Education). Students with low vision or who are blind, as well as those who experience difficulty editing their writing, can benefit from these programs because the material they are typing is read back to them in individual letters, words, or full sentence options.  Along with reading words aloud, talking word processor software programs allow students to adjust the size of letters, as well as change the color in the background and highlighting text.  Although there are many talking word processor software programs, the three most frequently used are the following: Classroom Suite by IntelliTools, Write OutLoad by Don Johnston and Talking Word Processor by Premier Assistive Technology.  

The following video is a brief introduction on how talking word processor software works, as well as tutorials on how to use the programs.  


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