Monday, March 10, 2014

Parent, Children, and Teacher Perspectives

After viewing the video in my last post, I realized how easy it can be to access educational materials for students with disabilities using an iPad.  I then began to wonder how parents, students, and even teachers feel about using an iPad in the learning environments to help assist students with learning and communicating.

According to the article, The iPad and Parental Engagement in Education, parents of students who have used the iPad for educational purposes have found that their child has started to collaborate and communicate with others, spend more time on classwork and/or homework, and become independent when it comes to learning (2012).  When it came time for teachers and parents to communicate, teachers mentioned that students who were engaged in using the iPad showed an increase in motivation; parents could not agree more and are seeing similar results at home.  Perspectives from both teachers and parents on the use of iPads in the classroom have become increasingly positive and both believe that the iPad can become integrated into the classroom when used appropriately.

Along with both parents and teachers having positive feedback, it seems as though students who actively engage in using an iPad for learning and communication purposes collaborate with classmates and teachers, as well as express their interest in learning through positive ways.   Students have shown an increase in independence, as well as an interest in communicating with others because it is much easier with the assistance of an iPad.


The iPad and Parental Engagement in Education (July 7, 2012).  Learning and Innovation.  Retrieved from


  1. I am a huge advocate for the use of iPads within the classroom. I have seen tremendous growth with my students who have been introduced to the iPad! Great piece of technology to incorporate within your daily lessons.

  2. Hi, your post does a good job of explaining the varying viewpoints of iPad use. At some point, I would like to take a look at your reading resource, so thank you for posting the source's link!

  3. I liked reading your blogpost as it gave a detailed description of Parent and Teacher perspectives using the iPad as a communication device. I too would love to come back to the article you referenced from. Thanks for sharing!