Monday, March 17, 2014

Choice Cards

Choice cards  are picture cards that offer students the opportunity to make a choice between items. These picture cards are very beneficial for students who have been diagnosed with Autism and are nonverbal, or with those students who have communication delays.  Pictures cards should be kept together in a location that is accessible for the teacher and can be used during specific times throughout the day to offer choices to the student; meal or snack time, circle time, play time, and even art and music.  Using choice cards offers options that the teacher wishes the student to use, while giving the student the opportunity to make their own decisions.

The above choice cards allow the student to choose from a variety of activities that can be completed during play time.  The student chooses the activity they wish to complete and place it next to the "I want" statement to complete the sentence. 

These choice cards can be used during snack time.  Place the cards in front of the student so they are able to make the decision of pretzels or a banana for snack.


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