Monday, March 10, 2014

IEP Example 4: Johnny

Johnny's IEP:

Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance: 
Johnny uses his right hand to write and to physically position his left arm and hand.  He has difficulty managing papers as he writes.  He collects and utilizes a lap trap, incline board, non-slip mat and modified clipboard but often waits for staff to set up modifications.

Annual Goal:
Johnny will initiate the set-up of his writing station 80% of the time given a chart of needed materials for each task.

Assistive Technology for Johnny:
As you can tell, Johnny has difficulty setting up his desk and often relies on his teachers.  Because Johnny's annual goal consists of him setting up his own materials 80% of time, it is necessary for him to have a graphic chart or organizer to help him stay focused and remember all of the materials.  Johnny can use an a graphic organizer software program from, and can follow the steps in the organizer to successfully set up his desk.

Along with using, Johnny's teachers can find various apps on the iPad that will give him charts, graphic organizers, and/or games to help him successfully set up his learning area.

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (June 2009).  Assessing Students' Needs for Assistive Technology (ASNAT). Retrieved from

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