Monday, March 17, 2014

Past Events Cards

Many students, especially those who have been diagnosed with Autism, have difficulty recalling events that have happened in the past.  For this reason, it is often difficult to have communication between home and school, as the student may not remember the events that happened throughout the day.  Students who have difficulty relating to events that have happened throughout the day may benefit from "past events cards."  Theses cards act as a visual representation to help communicate between the learning environment and the home environment.  The teacher can develop a general template that the student can complete throughout the day.  The student can circle an item, fill in the blank, or check a box to show what events have taken place and what they would like to share with their family when they get home.

Today at School

Today at school, I ate (my whole lunch/some lunch/none of my lunch)

My favorite activity in class was (reading/math/science)

Today in school, I had (library/art/music/gym)

I had a (great/good/okay) day. 


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  1. Lauren,

    I really like your take on past cards. While, doing my research I could not find much about this AT device. I also saw different types. I really enjoyed the way you talk about the cards. I think it is great how you made your only cards. This allows the students to have different choices. When a student is nonverbal it is very hard to understand their wants and needs. This is a great post!