Monday, March 10, 2014

Assistive Technology Consideration in the IEP Process


In this module, we will be discussing the IEP process and how assistive technology (AT) is considered, as well as how assistive technology can help students with Autism communicate with others and how technology can beneit students with various learning disabilities (reading, writing, etc.).

IEP Considerations: 

As stated by the writers of Assistive Technology Internet Modules, "the IEP team is required to 'consider' the AT needs of every student who is receiving special education services" (2014).  That being said, it is the teams responsibility to ask the following question: "Does the student need assistive technology devices to participate and/or make progress in the general education learning environment?" As a team, the decision is made by identifying the strengths and needs of the student.  After the identification of specific tasks, the team suggests various AT devices and accommodations that may benefit the students learning and enhance their communication.  Once AT devices and/or services are modified to meet the needs of the student, they are recorded in the students IEP.  "Through the process of AT consideration, the IEP team has an opportunity to leverage the power of AT to enhance a students learning and participation (2014).

The following video, "AT Consideration: Are you SETT?" not only explains what assistive technology is, but also goes into explanation of how and why the IEP team should consider the use of AT's for students with special needs and/or learning disabilities.


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