Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Books on CD

Books on CD, or audio books, are books that are ready aloud and recorded for others to listen to at a later date.  As an elementary teacher, I can definitely say that I have an endless supply of books on CD, as they are beneficial for all learners and can be incorporated into may learning activities.  Although books on CD benefit all learners, students who have low vision or are blind, as well as those who have physical disabilities and are unable to turn the pages favor this form of technology.  Not only does the recording go with each page of the story, but the reader also changes their voice to act as each character, which helps all learners have a better understanding of the story.

Stories that are read and recorded sound much like the video below, however students listen to the story as they or their teacher, parent, or friend turn the pages of the book (rather than watching on a computer screen).

Below is one of my favorite books on CD to share with my students...

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