Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Portable Word Processor

"A portable word processor, often called a portable keyboard, is a lightweight device that is an alternative to using a laptop computer for writing" (Barge, J.D.).  Portable word processors can be easily transported between the home and school environments, as well as from class to class if the student changes classrooms throughout the day.  As a student uses a word processor, they have the opportunity to save the information they have written, as well as upload the information on a laptop or desktop computer.  This allows students to print their class notes and assignments so they can have paper copies, as well as have another form of documentation to turn into teachers.  

Portable word processors can be great for students who have difficulty writing, as well as have poor fine motor control and are unable to hold a pencil and paper.  For these students, word processors give them the opportunity to take notes and complete assignments through the use of typing, rather than writing. 



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