Monday, April 14, 2014

The End of Our Journey

Throughout this semester we have completed four modules that have discussed various ways to implement assistive technology into our classroom learning environments, as well as our students homes and communities.  During this time, I have learned many new forms of assistive technology, as well as ways to implement them into my future classroom.  For example, I never really knew that an iPad could be used for so many things, other than playing games and communicating with peers.  I have learned about many applications that can be downloaded for free, or for purchase, that can assist students with disabilities in a variety of ways; picture schedules, educational games and activities, communication boards, text-to-speech, and many more! I learned many of these new applications through the YouTube video we watched during the second module:

I hope to take many of the new things I learned throughout this course and present them to my future students.  Using technology in the classroom is not only exciting for the students, but also for the teacher,as you are using a variety of means to meet the needs of each of your learners.  


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  1. Lauren, the quote you included within this post is very touching, and meaningful. Technology is great for all learners, specifically people with disabilities. We as a community don't always recognize the impact of technology on our society. Change is a great thing!