Monday, April 14, 2014

Texas Assistive Technology Network

The Texas Assistive Technology Network has created a module to assist individuals who are or will be involved in the assistive technology decision making process and/or implementation.  Individuals who participate in the module, primarily individuals working with students who use or need assistive technology, will learn about the purposes and results of assistive technology implementation, the big ideas and planning in assistive technology implementation, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the assistive technology being implemented.  The information found on this website can assist the IEP team in making decisions on what assistive technology will meet the needs of the student they are working with and how this technology can enhance the educational activities they will be participating in.  

Assistive technology has the ability to assist students with disabilities; both in and out of the classroom learning environment.  When teachers and parents gain valuable information and understand how to use the technology and why they are using it, they will be able to assist the student throughout daily routines and activities.  The Texas Assistive Technology Network gives teachers and parents the information they need in order to meet the specific learning needs of each student.

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