Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Assistive Technology for Math

Just as there is assistive technology devices and software to assist students with reading, there are also devices that can assist with learning math.  "Assistive technology tools for math are designed to help people who struggle with computing, organizing, aligning, and copying math problems down on paper" (Stanberry, Raskind, 2014).  Over the next few weeks, we will be researching and evaluating assistive technology for math, as well as how these devices are used and who can benefit from them.  Technology such as talking calculators, electronic math worksheets, virtual manipulatives and many more devices will be explored and explained.  Keep reading to find great ideas that can be used in your classroom to not only integrate the use of technology, but also help reach all types of learners!


Stanberry, K., Raskind, M. (2014).  Assistive Technology Tools: Math. Retrieved from www.greatschools.org/special-education/assistive-technology/949-math-tools.gs

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