Monday, February 24, 2014

What is Augmentative Communication?

According to Dell, Newton, and Petroff, authors of Assistive Technology in the Classroom, "augmentative communication is a way to supplement an individual's method of communication to assist comprehension" (2012).  Typically, augmentative communication devices are used to help individuals who cannot speak to interact and communicate with others.  These devices and systems are important and necessary because they allow individuals to express themselves and communicate with peers, as well as increases their independence and creates numerous opportunities (Dell, Newton, Petroff, 2012).

There are two types of augmentative communication systems: unaided and aided.

Augmentative System
This system uses only a person’s body for communication; a person does not carry anything with him or her; this system is always available in every environment.
Sign Language:

This system uses an external piece of equipment to convey a message; needs to be transported everywhere with individual in order to communicate with others
Alphabet Board:


Dell, A.G., Newton, D.A., Petroff, J.G. (2012).  Assistive Technology in the Classroom: Enhancing the School Experiences of Students with Disabilities. 2nd Edition. 

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